The Board of the Center for Spirituality is in the process of revising and making available the SEA curriculum (Spirit, Earth, Action) which centers on the intersection of ecology and spirituality.

In particular, the Board is tasked with identifying specific themes as well as with developing an appropriate pedagogy for each of them and for different audiences (both in-person and online).

Clinton Combs: a philosopher/magician and a resident of Ontario; he is interested in all forms of religious and mystical experience; he presents soirees titled "The Magic Between Us" in which he blends the performative aspect of the magic show with elements of process thought, by which he has been profoundly influenced during his studies at Claremont Graduate University.

Dr. Karen Torjesen: a feminist historian and scholar of religion, she founded the Ph.D. program in women's studies in religion at Claremont Graduate University and served there as the Dean of the School of Religion. In the last ten years she has been working in partnership with universities and non-profit organizations in Kenya and Congo.

Timothy Geckle: a corporate lawyer, he studied at the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley and is deeply interested in the ecological dimensions of all religions. For 25 years, he was Senior vice President and general Counsel for the Ryland Group, a NYSE national homebuilder. He is presently living and gardening on his farm in Northern California and is involved with several non-profits.

Jim Christiansen: a management consultant (BCG, McKinsey) and researcher on management practices (INSEAD), he has also been deeply involved with spirituality. His involvement with the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, CA spanned from his graduating from their program to becoming their board chair for a few years. He is involved in technological projects aimed at mitigating the effects of ecological disaster.

Martha O’Hehir is an interfaith eco-chaplain and a facilitator for Joanna Macy's Work That Reconnects. Her primary gifts are her voice, writing, and analytical skills. She has employed these as a musician, liturgist, educator, curriculum writer, and retreat facilitator, As an editor and writer, she serves the American Orff Schulwerk Association and the Work That Reconnects as a member of the editorial boards of their respective journals, The Orff Echo and The Deep Times Journal. In recent years, she has been exploring the kin-dom of plants and their medicine as a way of growing into a more grateful and earth-loving lifeway.