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  • Enneagram and the True Self

  • The Wisdom of the Dream

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Enneagram and the True Self

with Kathy Sperling

a one-day online and interactive retreat

Saturday, January 30

9:00am - 3:30pm PST

How to connect authentically to God and Self,

learn to let go of old ways that no longer serve you,

and find alternatives in the process

Minimum Donation: $60

Max 10 participants

This is an introductory crash-course, no previous experience with the enneagram necessary.

However, participants will be asked to read a booklet in advance.

No specific faith requirements whatsoever

For info and enrolling:

What is the enneagram?

According to Andreas Ebert, the Enneagram "can be traced back, at least in part, to the Christian desert monk Evagrius Ponticus (d.399) and the Franciscan Blessed Ramon Lull (1236-1315)". Its modern form, however, was created by Oscar Ichazo (1931-2020) and refined by Claudio Naranjo (1932-2019). It is widely used among Jesuits in North America, as well as by others, as a way of gaining insight into one's personality, attitudes, and predispositions. The reference to Evagrius might especially interesting for those who have attended in 2019 our class called "Monastery Without Walls" but everybody who is curious about typologies of personalities might gain interesting insights about oneself by attending this one-day workshop.

Kathy Sperling is a wisdom seeker, a listener for truth and a lover of wholehearted living. She is a spiritual director, writer, musician, and facilitator who helps people live true to themselves by embracing the mystery and wonder of inner life work. Dreams have been an integral guiding force in her journey, and she feels called to share how transformative they can be.

Her passion for spirituality and inner work led her to courses in spiritual direction, dreamwork, and the intersection of spirituality and psychology, with accreditation from Providence Center and Pilot Light Program in Edmonton, and the Haden Institute Dream Training Program and Spiritual Direction Programs out of Asheville, North Carolina. She operates out of St Georges Center for Wellness & Learning in Edmonton AB, as well as online.

Alongside, she is a professional musician, and continues to perform on the piano as well as play cello in the Quartet AKUSTIK in Edmonton. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Alberta, then studied under Edna Golandsky at the Taubmann Institute in New York.

She has published a volume of poetry and images entitled Solid Ground (2019) and is working on a book about her first year of exploring her dreams.


The Wisdom of the Dream

with Peter Fritsch and Kathy Sperling

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