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Centered on the spiritual journey of individuals, these classes rediscover the wisdom tradition in Christianity. When biblical themes are discussed, we purposely avoid the pitfalls of literalism and fundamentalism.

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FALL 2020

Becoming More Human:

A Spiritual Exploration

a series of online interactive meetings

with Gianluigi Gugliermetto

True spirituality is about transformation.

It challenges one's notions about divinity and humanity.

It consists in reframing one's life story in order to move forward in compassion and creativity.

This series of weekly meetings is for people of any age and walk of life who are interested in processing their inner journey through listening, reflecting, and sharing with others. Each week we will focus on a theme from Matthew Fox's seminal text and classic of creation spirituality, Original Blessing, which presents a spirituality of joy and transformation based on the recovery of biblical and medieval sources, integrated with insights from psychology and art.

This is the class for you if:

  • you are looking for a group of reflective and deeply respectful people to process some aspects of your inner life;

  • you know that you share some ideas with Matthew Fox, but you would like to know more about his theology;

  • you are curious about how Christians can develop a mystical and non-dogmatic spiritual path.

The convener of this class is Gianluigi Gugliermetto, a theologian who has a deep understanding of Fox's thought, having translated many of his works into Italian. He is also the leader of Creation Spirituality Italy and the director of the Center for Spirituality in Ontario. Full bio here.

Monday evenings, starting October 12, 2020, 7pm to 8.30pm PST, via zoom.

Enrollment is continuous throughout the year, you can join at any time.

For questions and enrollment please write to Ashanti Smalls: asst.director@centerforspiritualityontario.org

Suggested donation: $7 per meeting, payable at your convenience through the website donation button or with a monthly check.

If you can, please consider giving more to support our mission.

You are welcome even if you can't afford to donate, yet you do need to be enrolled.


The Birth of Jesus: Myth, History, and Spirituality,

an online class

with Jim Dunkly and Gianluigi Gugliermetto

Decades, even centuries, of sentimentalization of the "Christmas story" have contributed to hide to our eyes the power of the narratives regarding the birth of Jesus that are found in Matthew' and Luke's Gospels. But the familiar images of angels and shepherds, kings and stars, Mary and the babe, and even more the dreams and visions of Mary and Joseph, originally had a revolutionary meaning. Today it is still possible to recover such images and dreams for an engaged spirituality of justice and hope.

This class is:

  • informative: the "infancy gospels" will be explained with the rigor of the historical-critical method

  • fascinating: the power of mythic and archetypal images will be explored

  • spiritual: the option of allowing our deepest desires to inform our lives will be engaged

"Either the dream of Jesus of Nazareth of the kingdom of God upon earth is a fantastic, anarchic, completely crazy dream, that one must oppose... Or it is completely true. It did not fit into his time, and it does not fit into our time. But each one of us can know that it is true, for it touches us in the depths of our being. It reverberates with truth and a longing within; we can feel that the kingdom of God is near" - Eugen Drewermann

This class meets four times on Tuesdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, starting on November 24, 2020, via zoom. The next dates are December 1, 8, and 15.

This class is co-taught by James Dunkly, Ph.D. in New Testament, and Gianluigi Gugliermetto, Ph.D. in Theology.

Dr. James Dunkly holds degrees in theology from Texas University and from Oxford University (UK). He received his Ph.D. in New Testament from Vanderbilt University (1982). He taught New Testament for many years at Nashota House and at the University of the South. He also specializes in theological libraries, having served as librarian for three different Episcopal seminaries over forty years. Now retired, he still teaches at Bloy House, the theology school for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, and collaborates with the Center for Spirituality in Ontario on a regular basis.

Dr. Gianluigi Gugliermetto

bio is here

For questions and enrollment please write to Ashanti Smalls: asst.director@centerforspiritualityontario.org

Suggested donation: $100.

Thank you for supporting the work of the Center for Spirituality.

Your statement will reflect a payment to our host institution, the Episcopal parish of Christ Church Ontario.

Winter 2021

Romans: the historical truth behind the Paul myth, online class on the letter of St. Paul to 1st century Christians in Rome

with Jim Dunkly and Gianluigi Gugliermetto

In the Eye of the Storm: rediscovering Christian meditation and prayer, an online class

with Gianluigi Gugliermetto

Coming soon, online classes on: